Shipping and Returns

Q: What forms of payment do we accept?

A: We accept most major credit card, debit cards and PayPal. We regret that we cannot currently accept cheques.

Q: Is my payment secure?

A: Yes. Payment security is provide by PayPal and Stripe directly.

Q: What is the cost of delivery?

A: Cost of delivery is dependent on your delivery address and will be shown at checkout.

Q: What happens if my wallpaper is out of stock?

A: We will email you advising you of this, and offer you the choice of waiting until it is back in stock, or whether to choose a different option.

Q: Can I return non-faulty wallpaper?

A: If you are not completely satisfied you may return the product at your own cost, within 30 days after receipt of your order, undamaged and in the original packaging for a full refund. However, if a product has been made individually to your specification then these rights to return do not apply, unless the product is faulty. These provisions do not affect your statutory rights.

Orders for UK and all other countries should be returned to:

Returns Department
DecorSave Ltd
32-44 Marsh Lane
West Midlands
B23 6NX
United Kingdom

N.B. Orders for overseas customers must include all UK customs clearance formalities.

When returning goods in any of the above circumstances please send an email to Customer Service at cs@decorsave.co.uk. Please state your order number, date of receipt, the reason for returning the product and whether you would like a refund or a replacement product.

Q: If the wallpaper is faulty what is your returns policy?

A: In the unfortunate event of a fault please contact us immediately, providing a photo of the fault if possible, and retain all the wallpaper and labels. Do not dispose of these items as they may be require at a later date. Please note that you should check all wallpaper products for faults before and during hanging. Carefully examine the first 2 or 3 lengths on the wall, to ensure there are no faults. If at this stage you are in any doubt as to whether the paper is faulty please stop work immediately and contact us. If the product is defective in any way or has a fault, a full replacement or refund will be made at no charge.

When returning goods because of a fault, firstly please send an email to Customer Service team at cs@decorsave.co.uk. Please state your docket number, date of receipt, details of the fault and whether you would like a refund or a replacement product.

Orders should be returned within 28 days to:

Returns Department
DecorSave Ltd
32-44 Marsh Lane
West Midlands
B23 6NX
United Knigdom

Q: Will you send wallpaper outside the United Kingdom?

A: Yes, deliveries can be made outside the UK Mainland. Shipping cost is quoted at the checkout stage for most countries. If your country is not listed or not quoted, please contact sales@decorsave.co.uk and we will be able to advise further.

Q: Will my parcel be charged customs and import charges?

A: If you live outside the UK you may be charged an additional handling fee, custom duty and or other tax as your order passes through customs. Any charges on a parcel must be paid by the person receiving the parcel (this also applies to retail and wholesale customers) and are therefore your responsibility.

We have no control over these charges and can’t tell you what the cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. We recommend that you contact your local customs office for current charges before you order, so you are not surprised by charges you were not expecting.

Shopping and Product

Q: What paste should I use on my wallpaper?

A: Different wallpapers require different paste. Most manufacturers’ recommendation are on the back of the wallpaper label.

Q: What size are the wallpaper samples?

A: The wallpaper sample will be A3 size. You can order a sample of wallpaper by selecting the 'Order Sample' button from the product page and adding this to your basket. The price of the sample, which includes VAT and postage to the UK, will be displayed next to 'Order Sample' and at the checkout. Samples are folded once in the centre before posting, and should arrive within 5 working days. We are unable to ship samples outside of the UK.

Q: What size is a roll of wallpaper?

A: Most of our wallpapers are standard UK sizes approximately 52 or 53 centimetres (20.5 or 21 inches) wide and 10 metres (33 feet or 11 yards) long. Please check the size of the wallpaper on the product page before placing your order and if you have any questions please do contact us at sales@decorsave.co.uk.

Q: What does the pattern match on my wallpaper mean?

A: Wallpaper is printed on rollers and therefore every wallpaper has a repeat, but sometimes on plain or striped wallpaper the repeat does not matter.

Some common pattern repeats are:

  • Straight Match - a straight match means that the pattern matches across the width of the wallpaper. The label of the wallpaper will tell you how often the pattern repeats e.g. 53cm.
  • Offset Match - sometimes called a half drop, this means the match is obtained by halving the repeat. For example a label might state a 53/26.5cm offset match. This means the design repeats every 53cm and the point at which they match from left to right is every 26.5cm.
  • Free Match - means there is no matching required. It is the easiest product to hang, as no matter how the strips of wallpaper are hung, no visible join or seams need to be worried about. This also reduces the amount of wastage.
Q: What is a batch number?

A: Wallpaper is printed in batches of rolls. It is important to have the same batch number, to ensure colours match exactly. The batch number is usually located on the wallpaper label close to the pattern number. Remember batch numbers also apply to white wallpapers, as different batches can be different shades of white.

Q: Can I buy the tools to do the whole job?

A: Yes you can. We have a full range of decorating tools available on our tools page.

Q: Why do some papers say to paste the wall?

A: Technology in wallpaper manufacture has advanced since the original classic papers. The introduction of polyester fibres in paper pulp means this special paper does not expand when wet and therefore does not need to soak before being hung. The adhesive can therefore be applied directly to the wall. However you can still paste the paper in the traditional way but remember there is no need to soak.

In short this is now an easy, quick to use wallcoverings, especially for beginners, so look out for 'Paste the Wall' products. Paste the wall paper is also easier to strip when you want to change.

Q: Must I use a lining paper?

A: Lining paper gives a perfect base on which to hang wallpaper and disguises any minor imperfections in the wall. You must use the same adhesive for your lining paper as your top paper. If you are using a 'Paste the Wall' paper, use a paste on the wall lining paper. Cross lining means hanging lining paper horizontally to give an even finish when the top wallpaper is hung over it.

Q: How do I get horizontal stripes?

A: This is usually a standard striped paper hung horizontally and gives a very different effect. A design tip to perhaps give width to a narrow room.

Q: How do I know if my choice of wallpaper is suitable for my room?

Bathrooms are suited to vinyl wallpapers as they resist moisture and are splash-proof. However if you bathroom is well ventilated then any wallpaper can be used with care. No wallpaper is recommended for use in direct contact with water, such as to line a shower or round a sink.

Kitchens are very similar to bathrooms, so ideally a vinyl wallpaper would be recommended, but any wall covering can be used with care in a well ventilated room where it does not come into direct contact with heat or water.

Q: Do you charge VAT on wallpaper?

A: Yes. All price are inclusive of VAT our company VAT number is GB 184 428 194.